Community Development Initiative (CDI)

Community Development Initiative (CDI) was established in 2012 as a local indigenous organization to support Toposa pastoralists to improve their livelihoods and level of education. CDI is a legal entity registered by South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (National NGO

Our Services

CDI uses an integrated and holistic approach to deal with the most pressing issues affecting communities especially Women and Youth. The activities fall under the following broad thematic areas
Mission: CDI is committed to sustainable Peace,  livelihoods, Equitable Education and Health of the pastoral people in Eastern Equatoria through conflict management; alternative education, skills development;  improved livestock health, production and marketing and sustainable natural resources management
Vision: CDI envisions an empowered people living in a peaceful and poverty free environment


To ensure access to basic and Quality Education for all including Orphans and Vulnerable communities in social exclusion

Food Security

To address food security needs of the community through improve livestock farming and commercial agriculture through Agri-Business initiatives

Community Health

(WASH, Nutrition and Primary Health Care): To ensure improve Health, livelihoods and wellbeing through increased access to safer water, hygiene and sanitation among the communities

Peace Building

To promote community managed and women led conflict mitigation and peace building initiatives

Why Choose Us

Trained Teachers

Conducted training on Teacher Education Professional Development

Hygiene Kits distribution

We provide WASH kits to communities

Agribusiness and livelihood

We carried out agribusinesses

Peaceful co-existence

We peace in place the country will develop, engaged pastoral communities

Community Culture

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